• We are Importers

    We select and bring to the US market the authentic foods and wines from the best italian farmers and food makers.
  • Our Mission

    We independently import the best and most authentic food from Italy to bring to gourmets the real italian flavour.

About Us

Good Italia Food Specialties Corp. is a US-based company with offices in Lake Worth, FL, founded in 2011 to provide Italian small and medium-sized businesses with all the services needed to export to the United States. With a wide network of agents throughout the US and agreements with all the major retail chains, Good Italia Food Specialties is your best partner to enter the US market.

We are one of the first and only American companies to operate independently on the Italian scene to import and spread the culture of the "Bel Paese" and good food, a company that wants to do things in the right way and that wants to be serious, timely and become a point of reference for its partners. To import a product you must be a professional, it is not a job you can improvise. Unlike what you can imagine dynamics are complex and procedures very strict. I do my job with a lot of passion, I love what I do, I love reading about successes of our customers who, with our help, enter one of the most important markets of the Planet. Thank you for your time in getting to know us and I invite you to contact us for any kind of question on how to grow your business in the US market.

Massimiliano Paolucci          
Founder & CEO              

Good Italia Food Specialties Corp.

From Foundation To Present Day

Exploration of the US market

First stay in the USA with the aim of exploring the reference market.

Foundation of the Corporation

Second stay in the USA to start the opening practices of the Corporation.

Good Italia Food Specialties Corp is born

Good Italia Food Specialties Corp begins the activity with the main aim of importing food products into the US

Sales Network and Logistics Management are created

The first commercial contacts are developed with US distributors and an efficient logistics network is created.

Agreements are made with Food Brokers for national coverage

A network of Food Brokers is created and developed throughout the country with the task of representing and promoting the products selected by Good Italia to the main distributors and supermarket chains.

Entry into the American GDO

Good Italia Food Specialties enters with its selected products in the American organized large-scale retail trade.

The first line of Gluten-Free Biscuits arrives on the US markets

The line of gluten free biscuits by Good Italia Food Specialties arrives on the shelves of the two main East Coast supermarket chains (over 30 stores) and in the main independent stores in California (over 15 stores).

Authorization for Wines and Beer Import

Good Italia Food Specialties Corp. obtains the authorization and the federal permission from the TTB for the importation of Wines and Beer.

Expansion of the Suppliers and Partners portfolio

The portfolio of suppliers and partners of Good Italia Food Specialties is extended.

Partnership with La Pasta Di Aldo

The famous artisan pasta manufacturer joins Good Italia Food Specialties to reach the US market.

Partnership with Tutto Bene World

The supplier portfolio is extended with the entry of Tutto Bene World, a leading company in the UK for the distribution of Italian snacks and healthy food for children.

The Good Italia product line is consolidated and expanded

The US distribution network is expanded and consolidated with 2 new brands and 3 new lines of Good Italia Food Specialties products.

A Growing Catalogue

We work hard everyday to bring to US shop shelves the best authentic italian products to delight the palate of people who love good and healthy italian food. Our products catalogue is constantly growing as our sales network to ensure our partners to meet more and more customers day after day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question!

Our consultants are at your disposal for every question.