Tradition Inspired By Passion

La Pasta di Aldo was created in the town of Monte San Giusto, a charming spot in the inland of the Marches region that straddles the Adriatic Sea and Sibylline Mountains. A rigorous selection of the base materials and production methods that go beyond the traditional art of artisan pasta making, an indefatigable dedication and pure mastery: these are the secrets of La Pasta di Aldo, a genuine masterpiece to be kept in the pantry of any self-respecting gourmand.
A different mix of durum wheat flour is used for each kind of pasta; the dough is mixed with the utmost care and worked in order to ensure that it is soft. La Pasta di Aldo stands out for its superior cooking performance. When it is added to the pan after cooking, it retains the sauce like few other pastas can. Thanks to its rough and permeable texture, you can savour the pure joy of a unique taste and the substance of tradition that inspired it.

It is more of a traditional ritual than a method.

It originated in Abruzzo, in order to support combinations with sumptuous sauces such as mixed meat ragù of beef, pork and lamb, or game in general. Full-bodied and with each strand separate from the other, Chitarrine pasta has succeeded in forging a new status in the kitchen: our Chitarrine goes wonderfully with simple and delicate dishes such as white fish sauces or sautéed in the pan with vegetables.

(or Tagliolini, as it is more commonly known is different parts of Italy) It is the younger brother of Tagliatelle: strands of thin egg pasta, just 2 mm thick, that are capable of enriching any dish without being too bold. Served in a broth or with a simple sauce, this pasta brightens up both the table and the palate. Ideal for those seeking a subtle shape but unwilling to sacrifice the right consistency of homemade egg pasta.

Also known as "Angel's Hair" pasta to some, it is made up of very thin strands (1mm) that take just one minute to cook in boiling water. The impalpable consistency of this pasta means that it can be cooked directly in the sauce without having to be boiled first. When nicely absorbed in the cooking sauce, to the taste it provides the perfect balance between pasta and sauce.

Pappardelle is a type of pasta that is more suited to stronger flavours. It has its traditional roots in Tuscany, where the condiment par excellence consists of full-bodied sauces with a base of hare and wild boar. Pappardelle is very similar to tagliatelle, but broader (12 mm) and capable of providing intense culinary delight. The size of the wheat flour grains are more noticeable on the palate, lending a full flavour both in terms of taste and touch.

It is the symbol of quality egg pasta par excellence. An enduring format that lends itself to any need, thanks to its thickness and width (4 mm). Enjoyed by all for its extreme versatility, it can be prepared with any sauce and will never fail to delight the taste buds! As tradition dictates, it is great with bolognese sauce, but arguably even better when accompanied by a simple drizzle of olive oil, to bring out the joy of egg pasta.

Tagliatelle Amalfitane is a transitional format between classic tagliatelle and pappardelle. For some, Tagliatelle Amalfitane is the real tagliatelle, as it is neither too broad nor too narrow. It is the perfect size for a piping-hot dish of egg pasta, perhaps flavoured with typical ingredients from Mediterranean cuisine such as olives, capers and cherry tomatoes.

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