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Good Italia Food Specialties assists clients by advising them on which is the best course of action considering their needs and the market they want to succeed in. Our team of professionals are specialized and trained in particular areas of law. We have earned recognition for providing the highest quality of service and attention to clients’ needs.

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Good Italia Food Specialties Corp. is a US-based company with offices in Florida, founded in 2018 to provide Italian small and medium-sized businesses with all the services needed to export to the United States. The import, marketing and sale of food specialties in the United States is subject to specific product compliances: labeling, nutritional table, allergens list and eligibility of ingredients. For some products, the ones stored under vacuum for example, it's needed the FDA import authorization - Food and Drug Administration, for others it also can require a specific import permit (issued by the USDA - US Department of Agriculture).

We offer all the needed services to take products and food specialties up to the import and sale standard for the United States of America. From the revision of labels to the company registration with the FDA, to the US Agent service, to the request for import authorization/permits and the creation of the UPC barcodes. It is our concern to use the most appropriate experts according to the nature of the work to be done, maintaining the highest professional standards and offering the best possible service to the client.

The FDA requires the presence of an administrative agent residing in the United States that can receive notifications and warnings from the FDA itself so that they are then passed to the food manufacturer in the country of origin. Unlike other American companies, Good Italia Food Specialties Corp. does not require multi-year contracts. Your company remains free to continue the FDA Agent relationship with us or to discontinue it at the end of each year.

Cost: Quotation on request.


Registration service of your company with FDA.

Timing: 3 working days.

Cost: Quotation on request.


Our nutrient database calculation method is done using ESHA Genesis research and development software. This industry standard software contains validated nutritional values according to USDA reference. The revision of the labels is necessary to ensure that they contain all the mandatory elements required by the FDA in the format provided by the FDA. Likewise, it is necessary to ensure that the same labels do not contain elements or declarations not allowed by FDA regulations and that all the ingredients, preservatives and dyes are accepted by the FDA.

Timings: 10-14 working days.

Cost: Quotation on request.

N.B.: If you have the same product but in a different format, the cost for reviewing these additional labels is $295.

Entering the USA distribution is undoubtedly the biggest problem for Italian food specialty producers. How many times it has happened to take part in fairs and talk with American buyers, they like the product, ask for catalogs and prices and then everything stops.
The Good Italia Food Specialties Project solves this problem. The aim of this step is to evaluate the product's potential for success and to identify the best ways to position it in the United States market. Thanks to our network of food brokers, you can skip the line and arrive directly on buyers' tables where your food and wine specialties will be presented.

Cost: For this service Good Italia Food Specialties Corp. does not apply any cost.

N.B .: Some brokers to pioneer a new line reserve the possibility of applying a monthly fee for expenses reimbursement.

The Sales Office and Sales Representative service is the most effective way to maximize the usefulness of fairs in the United States. When you return to Italy after the show, in fact there is no one left to represent your company here in America. With your sales office for the United States and sales representatives at Good Italia Food Specialties Corp. the American customer has the peace of mind to be able to call the United States with the certainty of finding an interlocutor who speaks English and who can provide all the needed informations on a specific product or order.

Cost: Quotation on request.


Identifying each product with the UPC barcode is essential to enter the American GDO. In fact, the developer of these barcodes, the GS1 US, in 2005 called the distributors / retailers to adapt their telematic systems to the reading of European EAN barcodes but actually only a small minority has adapted it (since it's not mandatory) so any product that does not have UPC barcodes will encounter difficulties in the evaluation and consequently in selling.

Timing: 5 - 14 working days based on the number of references to be identified.

Cost: Contact us for a detailed quote based on the quantity of products needed.

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We work hard everyday to bring to US shop shelves the best authentic italian products to delight the palate of people who love good and healthy italian food. Our products catalogue is constantly growing as our sales network to ensure our partners to meet more and more customers day after day.

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