How To Get To The US Shelves In 5 Steps

Market analysis, commercial strategy and optimized logistics make Good Italia Food Specialties Corp. the best consultant and the ideal partner of any company that wants to expand its business in the US food market.

The goal of Phase 1 is to evaluate the potential for success of the product: We analyze with our food brokers the entire products catalog / technical sheets in English and select the "most wanted" references for the US market. We study the products prices and the logisitc details to create a F.O.B US distributor price list.

Timings: 5-7 working days.

Once it's accurated that the product has potential in terms of characteristics and price, we proceeds to Phase 2 which consists in requesting the Italian manufacturer a minimum of samples that must be sent to our brokers in the US to taste it and verify the packaging is compliant with the requirements set by the FDA.

Timings: 5-7 working days from reception of samples.

After our brokers accept to represent your product line, we proceed with the FDA registration of your company and we become your US agents.

Phase 3 consists in making the packaging compliant (if it is necessary) according to the FDA rules and to the requirements that the US GDO imposes. We list to the manufacturer the changes to be made to the packaging and we provide our office for these services if the manufacturer requests it.

Once the product has been made compliant in terms of packaging / logistics and that our brokers have received the samples of the final product, we start the Phase 4 that consists in setting appointments with the Category Manager / Buyers of supermarket chains / regional / national distributors that are our partners for presentations. At this point, after the product line has been accepted by the distributor, we proceed with the import of the first orders of goods to begin the distribution of your brand in the US territory.

Timing: dictated by the CM / Buyers agenda.

Phase 5 consists in organizing commercial missions in the USA for our clientss for distribution/promotional expansion purposes of the product line.

A Growing Catalogue

We work hard everyday to bring to US shop shelves the best authentic italian products to delight the palate of people who love good and healthy italian food. Our products catalogue is constantly growing as our sales network to ensure our partners to meet more and more customers day after day.

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